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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Iwebwala uses complete transparent cancellation and refund policy. Following are the key points of policies with regard to cancellation of orders and refunds.

Cancellation Policies

  • Cancellation requests should be made well in advance to the department or concerned person. The necessary response should be solicited in this matter.
  • The requests will be valid only in one condition, if the execution of the project is not started.
  • No cancellation will be considered valid without counter confirmation. The confirmation should be from the respective department or management of the company.
  • In SEO website traffic may drift down due to third party services like hosting and web development. In this case we will not be responsible for the low traffic.

Refund Policies

We do not provide funds for any services which are already fulfilled. While hiring our services, customers are considered to understand the nature of the SEO services. In case of a downside in Website traffic after execution of our project does not ask for any refund of the fees.

For all other services if the project is cancelled in the middle then we will not be liable to fulfil any such request for refunds from the customers. Maybe the website requires maintenance at a later stage. Also clients may require any extra fulfillment in the website not specified in the project. In such cases, these kinds of tasks will be charged separately than the services already delivered.